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Croatian partners organize event during Energy Week

Energy efficiency and environmental protection was the main theme when PRIMES and GPP2020 organized an event in Croatia during the Energy Week.
The European Union, UNDP Croatia and Zagreb City_Energy Week

Interactive tv-show and roundtable focus on Green Public Procurement 

As part of the Energy Week which takes place in countries throughout the European Union, UNDP Croatia and Zagreb City Holding organized a round table (using interactive TV show format where moderator pointed questions to the members of the panel) dedicated to Green public procurement.

The roundtable was attended by representatives of ministries, public companies, organizations dealing with standards and verifications in savings, as well as the agencies that are responsible for the distribution of funds in projects of energy efficiency and environmental protection.

The conclusions adopted at the round table will serve as the basis for guideline programs and plans in the green public procurement to the Republic of Croatia which will bring Croatia closer to the countries with a high percentage of green public procurement, and thereby encourage the Croatian economy to increase competitiveness at the international market.

Organized by PRIMES and GPP2020

The round table was organized in synergy with both the GPP2020 and the PRIMES project and for that purpose.

Mr. Ivan Šimić from REA North agency participated in discussion emphasizing the importance of capacity building in public administration:

One of the most important factors for successful implementation of green public procurement is to raise the capacity of human resources in public administrations in order to comply with requirements and expectations we have to meet in the upcoming period. Primes project will focus precisely on the areas that will provide stronger support to professionalism when it comes to sustainable or green public procurement. In order to successfully achieve the goals, it is necessary to involve decision-makers in processes at all levels, particularly when it comes to environmental protection and efficient management of natural resources, both because of economy and to preserve resources for future generations."


Panel members: Mrs. Marica Japundžić (Ministry of Economy), Mr. Mirko Vuković (Croatian Standard Institute), Mrs. Branka Pavčević-Novak (Ministry of environment and nature protection), Mrs. Maja Rajčić (Environmental and energy efficiency fund), Mr. Marinko Bašurić (Osječko-baranjska County), Mr. Ivan Markus (Zagreb City Holding ltd), Mr.Tomislav Marjanović (Croatian Energy Association), Mrs.Valentina Turkalj (Central procurement office).

Moderator: Jelena Kremenjaš, UNDP

Attendees: approximately 60


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