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Introducing Green Public Procurement to Danish municipalities

A capacity building workshop in Aalborg, 18-19th. March 2014, under the European ManagEnergy initiative provided an opportunity for introducing Green Public Procurement (GPP) as a concept for sustainable energy practice.

The workshop originated in a wish to activate sustainable energy plans (SEAP) and accompanying action in the North Denmark region. It gathered a total of 37 participants, including representatives of 11 municipalities, mainly from the North DK Region, practitioners of the newly started regional SEAP projects in all five DK regions, regional authorities from North DK and Central DK Regions and other stakeholders in regional and municipal SEAP activity for mutual exchange.

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PRIMES disseminated

As part of the workshop Mr. Henrik Teglgaard Lund, Project Manager from the Energy Cluster Zealand (ECZ) made a presentation of the newly started IEE project PRIMES on GPP. The project is led by the DK municipality Holbæk and ECZ, together with the other DK partner EC Network, provide sparring to municipalities in Region Zealand on GPP handling with particular focus on promoting purchase of the most energy sustainable good and services. The project will result in numerous case studies, training material etc. from Zealand and the partner regions from five other countries that will be disseminated in the course of the project.
The workshop host, Aalborg, already made noticeable achievements within GPP. Mr. Michael Damm, Environmental Manager in Aalborg Municipality, presented the municipality's approaches and experiences. The overall objective is that the goods and services are to be sustainable and fulfil minimum requirements in terms of different aspects such as work conditions, environment-climate, democracy and social responsibility.

It is essential to coordinate 

A key challenge is to operate the GPP concept across the municipal departments. The purchasing department is main responsible for the tenders and consult with other departments, for instance the environmental dept. in terms of the environmental conditions. It took from year 2007 to 2010 to introduce the system, but today it is well functioning. In practical terms for each tender is given scores on various parameters and the bid with the best score is awarded the contract. A key conclusion is that introducing the environmental criteria has not led to more expensive purchase of goods and services and Aalborg Municipality is happy with the performance. PRIMES will continue to support the dissemination of such type of good practice along its further progress.


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