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Energy Efficient Transportation in Denmark

Early October a workshop was held on energy efficient transportation. The Municipalities participating in the workshop saw great potential in replacing gasoline cars with electric cars, however indicated complications within the political forum as well as financially and geographically. Gladsaxe Municipality is frontrunner with one third of their total number of municipal vehicles being electric cars.

Several municipalities from Region Zealand participated in the workshop on energy efficient transportation. At the workshop different reasons to invest in electric cars were debated and practical experiences with electric cars were shared.


Gladsaxe Municipality shared their experience with leasing 39 electric cars on matters such as energy efficiency, CO2 reduction, and political interest in promoting green public procurement. The last mentioned factor had eased the process significantly. Gladsaxe Municipality also stressed the importance of maintaining a sound relationship to the municipal workers driving the electric vehicles.


A representative from Copenhagen Municipality was also present at the workshop sharing Copenhagen’s positive experiences with electrical cars. Further, a representative from Copenhagen Electric shared the many reasons to join an electrical car partnership as well as various governmental initiatives supporting the purchase of electrical vehicles. Further, different ways to test-drive and get familiar with electrical cars were outlined.  


The municipalities saw great potential in replacing regular cars with electric cars, however addressed potential barriers financially, politically and geographically. Despite potential barriers some municipalities, e.g. Holbæk Municipality, had already purchased electric cars. 


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Powerpoint slides for the day is available in Danish:

Praktiske erfaringer med el-biler

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