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Energy efficiency– dissemination is carrying on

ANCI Liguria and IRE Spa are carrying on with activities supporting Municipalities in their activities linked to the energy efficiency

Among the opportunities that ANCI Liguria have in order to meet Municipalities, organized a training course about European Funds 2014-2020 dedicated to Mayors, Administrators, Technicians (May 4th-5th, 2015). Among the subjects examined there was also an intervention of the Secretary General of ANCI Liguria about European Strategies 2014-2020 and the explanation of ongoing projects where ANCI Liguria is partner, such as PRIMES, where ANCI Liguria collaborates with IRE Spa. It was foreseen also an intervention of Liguria Ricerche, partner of IRE Spa for activities of PRIMES, about environmental funds.

Moreover ANCI Liguria and IRE Spa promoted the first Festival of Biologic and Good Energy in Varese Ligure (in the Province of La Spezia) from June 12th – 14th 2015 within whom is foreseen a workshop about relationship among public and private subjects.










Activities of the Italian task force are carrying on about analyses of possible interventions and support toward Municipalities which are beneficiaries of the Projects Primes.

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ANCI Liguria: info@anciliguria.eu

IRE Spa: energia@ireliguria.it

PRIMES activities in Italy

PRIMES attività in Italia


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