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Energy efficient street lighting

Preili municipality decided to apply for the co-financing to receive financial support for energy efficient street lighting in the municipality. The LED lamps were installed on three of the main streets in the municipality.
Energy efficient street lighting

In November 2013, in the first months of the PRIMES project, pilot-municipality Preiļi announced the first green public procurement. It was very simple and the municipality’s procurers tried to develop it more or less by themselves following the EU street lighting guidelines - before the opportunity to visit PRIMES trainings for procurers.

Main focus were on energy efficient lighting – replace old street lamps to new ones – energy efficient LED. The tender was announced and the winner identified, but because of a lack of financial resources the municipality couldn‘t implement the project and make a contract with the winner. In March 2015, the municipality applied for co-financing in the Climate Change Financial Instrument and got the co-financing. The tender was implemented in June 2015.


For more information, contact

Zane Bilzena, Latvian Environmental Investment Fund,

zane.bilzena@lvif.gov.lv , +371 67845111


Access the case study here: Energy efficient street lighting procurement in Preiļi

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