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Case study: GPP in School reconstruction

The municipality of Carnikava decided not to renovate the secondary school in a traditional manner, but instead to invest more financial recourses to achieve better results – not only financial result, but also salubrious, which has been a big issue in Latvian schools because of bad ventilation systems.
Carnikava building

Carnikava is a small size municipality in Latvia, who wants to renovate the secondary school, integrating renewable energy technologies and develop technical design project for the reconstruction in accordance with green public procurement.

The existing school building will be renovated in accordance with green criteria, the housing complex will be renovated and will include a renovation of ventilation systems and windows. An RES-system will be integrated in the swimming pool and energy efficient lighting will be installed. The entire school property will be renovated, including the stadium.

Now, the green public procurement for the building renovation and technical upgrade has been developed and approved at the municipality’s council meeting by the major. On September 7, 2015, the project was announced on the national web page, where all public procurements are to be published. The tender will closed on October 30, 2015.


For more information, contact

Zane Bilzena, Latvian Environmental Investment Fund,

zane.bilzena@lvif.gov.lv , +371 67845111


Access the case study here: Refurbishment of school buildings in Carnikava

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