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Case study: Acheving 100% green electricity

The strong willing SIGERLY’s members (energy union), in a context of opening energy markets in France, has been particularly favorable for the purchase of green electricity in France.

The opening of the energy markets in France was an opportunity for SIGERLY to question its members about their needs and expectations for green electricity. Several municipalities with high energy consumption have expressed very quickly their expectations in terms of green electricity, which naturally allowed the SIGERLY to work on it and in good conditions to offer a lot strictly for green electricity (representing 13 GWh) in the electricity procurement. Guarantees of origin were systematically required.

The consultation highlighted a virtual absence of green electricity overhead (less than 0.5%) despite these guarantees of origin. In addition, the SIGERLY was able to negotiate an overall lower cost of electricity for the other lots (from 7 to 11%), which completely erased the very low additional cost of the lot dedicated to green electricity.

For several years now, an offer in terms of green electricity is present in France. The experiments in this GPP field began to multiply and the establishment of a European market of Guarantees of Origin showed buyers the traceability and the availability of ample supplies.

The opening of the energy markets in France that began in gas markets has been the occasion of many meetings and exchanges of information to put the question to public bodies. This first gas procurement also helped educate elected officials who were more receptive when the electricity markets have been launched in their turn.

The rapid need of large SIGERLY’s members made easier the writing of a lot dedicated to green electricity in the electricity procurement. The prospect of savings and a more environmentally friendly lot explain the spontaneous support of the members. The very low additional cost of green electricity also opens new perspectives for the continuation and the next procurements.

The SIGERLY has launched a joint procurement tender for electricity, which brought together 22 members (out of 180) who wished to gain access to 100% green electricity. Among the municipalities who choose green energy, just about 30% the buildings in their portfolio are now using 100% green electricity, this lot represents 13 GWh/year.

For more information, contact

Laurent COGERINO, RAEE (Rhônalpénergie-Environnement),

laurent.cogerino@raee.org , 00 33 (0)4 72 56 33 50

Anne-Laure NICOLET, Sigerly

annelaure.nicolet@sigerly.fr, 00 33 (0)4 72 65 70 18 


Access the case study as pdf: Achieving 100% green electricity procurement

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