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Case study: Green gas in a gas procurement

For the first time in France a joint procurement located around Bourg en Bresse inserted green specifications about gas in a procurement. A share of 3 % biogas has been obtained with guaranties of origin and almost without any overall additional cost thanks to the price negotiation over fossil gas. Finally the economy were around 25 % in comparison to the previous contract.

The opening of the energy markets within gas procurement in France gave way for other companies that offers fossil gas. However energy procurements is only rising with slow pace. Most buyers were, and some still are, afraid of not having an adequate supply. Furthermore elected feared, for their part, too high costs

It appeared in reality that a supplier was able to offer up to 3% biogas with a very small additional cost through savings induced by the lower cost of the overall contract (very high reduction of the price for fossil part).

To take the least risk, Bourg en Bresse joint procurement authorized its suppliers to propose variants compared to fossil offer. Thus, one of the worlds largest petroleum companies, Total, made an offer with 3% biomethane in particularly advantageous financial conditions. For cons, the joint procurement was not obliged to follow if this alternative was too expensive and therefore this legal tool (variant) guaranteed to Bourg en Bresse to be sure to have gas, whatever the result of the consultation. Hence, the main conclusion of this first green gas procurement is that the variant clearly appeared as an excellent tool to reduce the risks and be sure to succeed without any additional cost.


For more information, contact

Laurent COGERINO, RAEE (Rhônalpénergie-Environnement),

laurent.cogerino@raee.org , 00 33 (0)4 72 56 33 50

Sophie COLLET, Bourg en Bresse

COLLETS@bourgenbresse.fr , 00 33 (0)4 74 24 49 14


Access the case study as PDF: Achieving green gas

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