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Case study: Greening a car fleet

SDH (Société Dauphinoise pour l’Habitat, a french social housing company) decided to renew a large part of its car fleet by purchasing both thermal cleaner vehicles and electric or hybrid vehicles, a total of 45 vehicles.

As a part of its environmental policy, SDH decided to renew a part of its fleet by purchasing both consume less and less polluting vehicles but also electric vehicles and hybrids vehicles. For this, a consultation of 40 vehicles has been launched. They were selected not only for their price but also for their environmental and energy performance.

SDH is engaged in an internal procedure designed to take into account sustainable development gradually in most of its procurements. The car procurement is one of the first major procurements concerned with this new policy.

The tender aimed to renew the car fleet. It was divided in different types of lots (electric cars, diesel and gasoline cars; hybrid vehicles) for a 48-month period. The total cost of the contract was 803 600 € (excluding VAT). The main technical specifications for electric vehicles concerned the share of recycled material in the vehicle and waste (2.5 % of the weight), deconstruction process needs and some technical specification about noise under < 75 dB.

The main technical specifications for diesel or gasoline vehicles and hybrid vehicles added some needs in relation to the EURO 6 emissions standard, low atmospheric pollution (NOx and PM emissions), a maximum of 110 g CO2 /km and a minimum of fuel consumption (l/100km).


For more information, contact

Laurent COGERINO, RAEE (Rhônalpénergie-Environnement),

laurent.cogerino@raee.org , 00 33 (0)4 72 56 33 50


a.migaud@sdh.fr, 00 33 (0)4 76 68 38 28


Access the case study as PDF:Purchase of electric and hybrid vehicles


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