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Intelligent street lighting

Municipality of Holbæk reduced the energy consumption and CO2-emissions by 75% and gained major savings in operation and maintenance by investing in LED street light and streamlining the operation system

In 2009, Holbæk Municipality decided to renew the street light infrastructure. Initially, the main target was to obtain major energy savings. However, it was recognized early that monitoring and digital management would offer much more than just energy savings.

In the beginning we thought most of the energy savings, but quickly understood that overview and management is equally important. Both of the total operating costs, road safety and security of Citizens - Citation: Employee, Traffic and Construction Department in Holbaek Municipality

The objective therefore became to purchase energy efficient diode (LED) lighting combined with an operating system, with the possibility of individual control of the floodlights and the possibility of monitoring a number of specific operating parameters. Based on an EU tender the municipality ended up with a solution from Siemens, which reduced the energy consumption and CO2 emissions by 75%, an annual saving of approximately 600,000€.

But the big advantage is that we can give local citizens and visitors more safety in traffic and in everyday life - even by saving money and reducing CO2 emissions through lower energy consumption - Citation: Employee, Traffic and Construction Department in Holbaek Municipality


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