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How Green procurement can help your town achieve your environmental targets

It is actually very simple. By using some additional criteria in your tenders, you can ensure that your new service/product not only meet your needs but also works towards reducing CO2 emissions.
Primes Green Public Procurement

For example, if all IT purchases in Europe followed the example of Copenhagen City Council and the Swedish Administrative Development Agency, energy consumption would be cut by around 30 terawatt hours – roughly the equivalent of four nuclear reactors. 

The City of Vienna saved €44.4 million and over 100,000 tonnes of CO2 between 2004 and 2007 through its EcoBuy programme.

Primes can help

If you think this sound good but want to know exactly how this is done, this is where PRIMES can help you. We offer hands on training, support in writing tenders and a variety of examples as inspiration.

This EU project will support municipalities in France, Denmark, Sweden, Latvia, Italy and Croatia until 2016, in green public procurement (GPP) processes.

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