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Roundtable discussion in Latvia about Green electricity

In October 5, 2015, Latvian Environmental Investment Fund organised round table discussion about possibilities and requirements for green electricity procurement in municipalities of Latvia.

The discussion was held in the Ministry of Environmental Protection and Regional Development and was organised because one of the PRIMES pilot-municipality’s plan to make green public procurement for electricity. As PRIMES goals are also develop supplier chain, project team decide before the development of technical specification invite to sit around the table municipality, electricity producers and suppliers, Ministry of Economy and representatives from related NGOs, ECOEnergy, Prudentia Energy Markets etc.

In discussion participated 20 stakeholders and the goal of it was to identify the possibilities of green electricity offer, possibilities and what criteria can be included in GPP technical specification, as well encourage the suppliers and producers and the municipality as well realise green electricity procurement. 


For more information, contact

Zane Bilzena, Latvian Environmental Investment Fund,

zane.bilzena@lvif.gov.lv , +371 67845111                    


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