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PRIMES workshop with Italian municipalities

ANCI Liguria and IRE Spa organized a workshop on July 24th 2014. The workhop, hosted by the Municipality of La Spezia, was dedicated to the Municipalities of the Province of La Spezia.
Primes workshop in la spezia

The Province of La Spezia is the smallest of Liguria from the point of view of number of Municipalities (32) but almost all of them (31) are involved and committed to the CoM.

The workshop was an occasion to promote GPP in the energy sector as a key tool for the implementation of energy efficiency and energy savings and it was also an opportunity to involve the local CoM supporting structure, thus promoting the possibility of joint implementation of GPP interventions among all the Municipalities of the Province.

The Workshop was organized in a morning of work.

Workshop in La Spezia presentation

The programme was composed by:

  • An overview about Covenant of Mayors and Green Public Procurement
    • ANCI Liguria: the local Administrations in Liguria
    • IRE Spa: the Covenant of Mayors and, especially, in the Province of La Spezia
    • A presentation of PRIMES and the promotion of GPP in the energy field (national and European framework and green criteria for tenders)


  • The experience of the Municipalities and their needs
    • Municipality of Arcola: energy savings through green building refurbishment and RES


  • Actions for energy saving and opportunities for financing
    • Instruments to finance SEAP's actions: national incentives and EU funds
    • ESCO's and the Energy Performance Contract
    • The role of the Energy Consortium of Liguria for the procurement of (green) electricity and gas
  • Debate and final conclusions



Municipalities participating in the workshop: 9
Participants (Administrators and technicians): 14



ANCI Liguria: info@anciliguria.eu
IRE Spa: energia@ireliguria.it

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