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Primes is an EU funded project to promote more energy efficient public procurements (equipment, services, property, etc.). Energy Cluster Zealand is part of the Task Force in Denmark and offer assistance to selected specific procurements, so that more energy-efficient products and services are obtained within the existing financial, technical and legal frameworks. Energy Cluster Zealand has signed agreements with Municipality of Holbaek and Region Zealand concerning support to GPP. The beneficiaries procurement plans are received, and analysed with respect to give priority and select the most relevant PP activities for PRIMES support. Further ZEA are mobilizing more of the regions municipalities.

The Task Force will lend its expertise related to product groups, legislation and implementation. The goal is to reduce the barriers that municipalities have today to make green procurements, while giving the support that local authorities needs and ensure exchange of experience across. Experinces show, that it is underestimated how much effort you gain by making GPP's. Accordingly, the Task Force will act as facilitor of new activities which is going to build capacity amongst public authorities. The Task Force will contribute with knowledge about GPP approaches and innovative technologies and services and support the the implementation of GPP tenders, and by that achieve reductions in carbon emissions. The support will be adjusted to the beneficiaries to make the efforts gain the highest possible yield.

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Energy Cluster Zealand

Energy Cluster Zealand

TASK FORCE LEADER in the Danish Task force of PRIMES

Energy Cluster Zealand is a Danish association of 14 municipalities and 1 region.


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ECNetwork Danish partner in Primes

TASK FORCE MEMBER in the Danish Task force of PRIMES

EC Network advises clients on the development and deployment of energy and environmental programs.



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