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The Italian Task Force

The aim of PRIMES is to give useful information and technical support to Municipalities which want to carry out green public procurements in the energy field: on the website you can find information about the project, the partners and municipalities involved in PRIMES activities, training material about GPP and environmental criteria, that can be freely consulted, references about the fulfillment of GPP in Liguria, and at national level, and concrete successful best practices which can be a valid reference to carry out action about energy efficiency and rationalisation of consuptions through green procurements.

The Italian Task Force

The Italian Task Force is led by ANCI Liguria and IRE SpA. They each have different expertise about environmental legislation, energy efficiency and counseling about green public procurement and they each cooperate on the basis of their own specific role within the Project in order to give technical, legal and training support to Municipalities.


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ANCI Liguria

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