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The Latvian Task Force

The aim is not only to secure focus on energy efficiency during one specific contract negotiation, but also to build a long lasting capacity within each organisation and thereby enable it to continue the development of its GPP strategy and apply this knowledge to other types of contract. PRIMES is a great opportunity for all public authorities and municipalities to participate in offered trainings during project life time, receive suggestions form experts and improve their knowledge and skills in GPP implementation.


From Latvia in project PRIMES are participating 5 municipalities: Tukums, Valka, Preili, Grobina and Carnikava. Municipalities have been chosen to represent all regions in Latvia and those interested to improve the municipalities' energy savings in sustainable way. But LEIF invites all municipalities, who are interested in GPP implementation to follow information in web site and participate in training sessions, attend regional Energy days and share their case studies.

Ministry of Environmetal Protection and Regional Development establshed Work group at national level

All main stakeholders at national level are involved. Work group meetings are quite regular, once per months (two months). Great opportunity to discuss and establish supplier network.


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Latvian Environmental Investment Fund


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